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Hidden Terrorists

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The elements of witchcraft, using diverse rights of the vicious astral system, have ruined, maimed and destroyed many people on Earth. Witchcraft attacks are not things to be toyed with. There are different elements of witchcraft and how to overcome them exposed in this book. There are certain high spirits of darkness operating as the strongholds of witchcraft. These include

(1) Double Slayers of Destiny
(2) Eaters of Life from the Beginning
(3) Mighty Ones of Great Illusions
(4) Dry Serpents that Hover
(5) Carriers of Heavy Load
(6) The Dogs that Bite
(7) Midnight is Fearful
(8) Suckers of Blood
(9) Blood that goes for Blood
(10) Withholders of the Good, amongst others.
These and much more are exposed in this book as well as how to overcome them. This is a book for all who seek the victory of Light over darkness.


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